Unexpected journey from a local artist to a muralist


PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — It was another day for local muralist Morgan Summers, painting an oversized beach ball at the Publix Sports Complex in Panama City Beach. Turn the large beach ball at the main entrance door into a work of art.

“When I started being a muralist, oh, we’re going to paint a big beach ball in a sports complex baseball slash lacrosse slash soccer, but you know that was the dream that I didn’t know I had” , Summers said.

You never know where you might find Morgan on any given day. Days before a beach ball was her canvas, she was painting murals at a local real estate company and windows at History Class Brewing Company.

“I do work that people see every day when they move around, and it’s exciting.”

But his sometimes unexpected paintings correspond to his journey to become a muralist. She started “Uhbeautifulmes” in 2021 to work for herself as an artist. Morgan graduated from Orlando in graphic design and eventually traded the computer for a paintbrush.

“I did choir, I danced for about twenty years, I did everything except visual arts and here I paint murals, so.”

Sometimes it’s hard work. Carrying his 12 foot ladder and many cans of paint in his MINI Cooper. It’s hard work, but it’s easier when you love it.

“I was pleasantly surprised that if I could do a good job at what I do, people seem to appreciate it.”

Even though she never knows where she might be, it’s always where she wants to be.

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