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Using a graphics tablet we will be able to work as if it were pencil and paper, allowing us to do all kinds of work such as drawing, making graphics, writing or we can even replace our mouse. We just need to connect this tool to the computer to start working.

Efficient work and unlimited possibilities

The Wacom One graphics tablet incorporates software for users of all levels: in the package we will find tools such as Adobe Premiere Rush (video editing), bamboo paper (turns the monitor into a drawing blog) and Clip Studio Paint Pro (ideal for drawing).

We will be able to connect it to our Android mobile to be able to take advantage of a completely new way of working or use it as an unconditional support for our Mac or Windows PC. We will be able to capture, create, edit and share our way. The incorporation of folding legs will allow us to use it comfortably anytime and anywhere.

This model stands out by offering an experience similar to what one would get with a pen on paper. And, over time, you won’t even notice you’re working digitally, while the screen’s surface lightfastness provides great precision and control. Your screen of 13.3 inches It has a FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a 72% NTSC color gamut.

Its active area is 294 x 166 millimeters, an area that should be more than enough for most users. In addition, its smooth and rounded edges give it a modern and pleasant appearance, as well as extreme comfort during use. The device is able to recognize different degrees of pen tiltwhich has 4096 pressure levels.

With it, we will not only be able to draw, but also make diagrams, create concept maps, paint and sketch. All this is possible thanks to its screen, which has a surface capable of creating the necessary friction so that we can work comfortably and naturally. Your pencil becomes an indispensable tool that can be transformed into a pen, brush or marker as needed.

buy the tablet Wacom One Creative with €120 discount

As we were able to check the graphics tablet Creation Wacom One It is the ideal device for writing, painting or drawing comfortably and with great precision and quality. And best of all, we’re going to be able to save a lot of money with this spectacular offer. We have it available on Amazon for only 279 €which means a reduction of 30 € for a total savings of over €120.

The tablet is sold and shipped by Amazon, so we will have the e-commerce giant’s free shipping and warranty worldwide.


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