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Dehradun: Artists from across the city held a meeting on Thursday evening to discuss the preservation and promotion of visual arts. “The artistic community is not limited to painters or sculptors. It includes architects, weavers, potters and designers, among others. The idea was to bring like-minded people together to form a brotherhood for all art forms so that we leave a good legacy for the next generation,” said Kulina Shah, the organizer and artist herself.
Padma Bhushan Jatin Das, who is a renowned contemporary artist, also took part in the discussions. “Our country has a rich heritage and is a gold mine of creativity but we are systematically destroying it. It must be preserved, restored. Our landmarks are destroyed. Columns rise in the beds of the rivers. Societies have become obsolete. Artists have become the lowest denominator. We need to wake up, create archives and museums, form government advisory boards, and ensure that traditional and contemporary art and artists thrive,” Das said.
The townspeople liked the idea of ​​the rally. “Everything, from the environment to the writings, is art. It is encouraging to see all age groups from diverse backgrounds coming together and discussing the promotion of art to a higher level in Dehradun,” said Alok Lal, former DGP of Uttarakhand and author.
Activists like Lokesh Ohri present there also reiterated the need for the community to come together, contribute and save society and the environment, through art.

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