Willem Dafoe as Joker Art Proves He’s a Perfect Clown Prince of Crime


Willem Dafoe is made into Batman’s deadliest and most iconic villain, as artist Rahal Nejraoui imagines the talented actor as DC’s Joker.

Willem Dafoe is made into Batmanthe deadliest and most iconic villain, as artist Rahal Nejraoui imagines the talented actor as DC Joker. Dafoe has previously made an appearance in DC filmography as Aquaman’s (Jason Mamoa) mentor, Nuidis Vulko in the DCEU. The actor has already won praise from comic book fans for his portrayal of Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin.

Being no stranger to DC Comics characters, Dafoe has starred in Aquaman and Zack Snyder’s Justice League as Nuidis Vulko, Vizier to the Throne of Atlantis and mentor to Arthur Curry/Aquaman. After the supposed death of his mother, Queen Atalanna (Nicole Kidman), Vulko trained Arthur in his Atlantean gifts, later helping him against his half-brother Orm’s (Patrick Wilson) evil plot to wage war. on the surface as master of the ocean. Despite his previous role, Dafoe has a role in DC that he hopes to play in the future, revealing in an interview that he would like to face Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker in a possible sequel to the 2019 solo film as an impostor of the Joker. Following this discussion, a fan imagined what Dafoe might look like in his dream role in DC.


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digital artist Nejraoui shared his latest piece on his personal Instagram account, imagining Dafoe as the Clown Prince of Crime. The artwork shows Dafoe brandishing a handgun in a bar, wearing black gloves and a patterned purple shirt and tie, inspired by a recent Dafoe photoshoot. Dafoe’s Joker makeup is rougher and haphazardly applied throughout the room, closer to Heath Ledger’s portrayal than Phoenix’s, making it a stark contrast to the latter’s more traditional clown design. Nejraoui said his piece was inspired by Dafoe’s recent comments and fan discussion about it, teasing a Heath Ledger Easter egg hidden in the piece. Check out Nejraoui’s works below.

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Despite his work on DC, Dafoe returned to Marvel in 2021, reprising his role as another iconic supervillain associated with the color green in Spider-Man: No Coming Home like the green goblin. Continuing the story of his Sam Raimi character Spider Man trilogy, Dafoe’s Norman Osborn struggled with his Green Goblin persona as he attempted to heal himself and the other villains were drawn into the MCU by a failed spell. Despite Norman’s desire to redeem himself, the goblin takes control at the worst possible moment, becoming one of the cruellest and deadliest foes Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has faced, pushing him to his limits. Although the Goblin is often considered one of the most referenced and evil Spider-Man villains brought to the big screen, Dafoe is wary that his portrayal is just a meme.

While not an idea seen on the big screen before, Dafoe’s idea is interesting and not unprecedented, as DC has created stories involving alternate Joker impersonators before. Additionally, there are very few actors more suited to play the Joker as Dafoe, with the talented actor able to easily strike a balance between manic glee and daunting menace. Although there’s no guarantee we’ll ever see a Dafoe against Phoenix. Joker face to face, Nejraoui’s works can at least give fans a glimpse of what can be.

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