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HYDERABAD: Whether due to the pandemic or the low fees paid to teachers for preparing digital content, few writers and presenters would show up to prepare content for the state government.
They said that even the Rs 200 fees, travel allowances and high cost allowances that they are paid to write scripts and record digital lessons are not paid on time. About 150 teachers, who recorded videos last year, are still waiting to be paid for the content they have produced in the last academic year since September 2020. “A lot of us use private vehicles for come to Hyderabad and record lessons during the pandemic. But, we are only offered a little over one rupee per km instead of the vehicle fee, ”said a teacher who recorded lessons for students in English. The teacher said they didn’t expect the education department to pay them thousands of rupees for creating content out of passion, but added that the least officials can do is pay enough to cover their expenses.
Teachers, who have created digital content, said it takes about a week to 10 days to research, prepare content, write content, shoot and edit a video. A few said many are giving up on creating digital content because they are overloaded and there is no recognition. “We did not even receive a certificate of appreciation for risking our health during the pandemic to make these videos. Plus, officials overburden those who show up to create content, ”a math professor said.
The teachers responsible for getting the writers and presenters to produce the digital content said it was very difficult to find the number of teachers required. “I called over 20 teachers to do digital content, not even half of them agreed to come,” an official said.
The National Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) has so far produced around 240 videos for the bridge lesson and will continue to record videos of bridge lessons until July 15.
A Krishna Rao, director of SIET, said they had the budget to pay teachers who created digital content but were waiting for clarification. “We are prepared to pay teachers according to the rules, but many have come in private vehicles and want us to cover the price. We are waiting for the department to respond and will pay as soon as we get a response, ”said Rao, and added that they have the required number of teachers to create content.


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