Women’s Stories: An Immersive Narrative Exhibition


The stories of women are at the center of an exhibition opened on Wednesday by artist and University of Nicosia scholar Maria Christoforou.

Maria approaches the stories of women by presenting them through the stories of those who break with stereotypes of the female condition as seen through her own perceptions. Freeing herself from these particular stereotypes, Maria offers her own messages through an immersion in the virtual and physical world, which releases a theatrical atmosphere and combines, in an experimental way, new methods of visual expression through digital art, 3D, immersive 360 ​​video, music, mixed materials, constructions, sculpture and performance. The innovative use of immersive 360-degree video takes the viewer even further, towards a narrative experience.

The exhibition is made up of a number of combined projects which are directly or indirectly linked to the status of women. It combines the Corona Haikus visual poetry project, designed by academics Dr Sandra Gaudenzi and Sandra Tabares Duque, and has over 1,000 participants from 30 countries, artists, poets, scholars and writers around the world who have felt united. because they face the same enemy at the same time and share the same feelings, fears, problems, while they are all “trapped” in their homes. Cyberspace becomes a tool of expression and leads them on a creative journey, experience and self-reflection. Each of the participants, during the quarantine of the pandemic, shares three photographs and a composition of haiku that reflect their daily life. Maria as a member of the corona haikus project but also as co-curator experienced the project as a form of catharsis and as a chance to redefine her senses.

The second project is the immersive storytelling Women’s Stories where the user with a QR code will log into their cell phone and navigate through the story. At the same time, the experience can become even more immersive with the use of a VR headset or VR cardboard. Women’s Stories is a journey through a narrative that includes immersive 360-degree videos with glimpses and views of the natural world that aims to reflect the high emotion, aesthetics and dynamics of the beauty of nature. From Helen to Antigone, from ancient femininity to modern femininity, the present connects with the past and draws the future through a magical digital journey in an immersive environment where space, time and human senses are redefined, evolved and challenged.

The third project is a virtual story titled Leave The Hens Alone and is a three-dimensional digital artwork with sound and transition also presented as a framed print artwork. The work aims to explore the struggle of women to respond to societal stereotypes such as fertility, mating, etc. All the works are presented in different ways. For example, the same story is approached with a different visual methodology such as virtual poetry, prints, sculptures, constructions, 3D artwork, VR 360 immersive video, QR codes or the visual intervention of interpreters. All these elements coexist harmoniously while each work of art retains its individuality. The weeklong exhibition is an endless journey of imagination and creation.

Women’s stories

Exhibition of immersive tales by artist and scholar Maria Christoforou. October 13-20. ΕΚΑΤΕ (Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts), Nicosia. Opening at 7:30 p.m. Opening hours: 5 pm-9pm. Phone: 22-466426


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