Wrexham Documentary: Is Digital Content and Marketing Essential for Lower Division Clubs?


Lower division clubs need digital content and marketing to help them gain recognition, Wrexham’s AFC documentary is just one example. Learn more here.

Documentary series directed by acclaimed “Deadpool” actor Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney of “Sunny in Philadelphia” aptly named “Welcome to Wrexham” has already released a lucrative promotion with reporter Maxine Hughes as acting translator .

The documentary will cover a lot, including hopes for the future of the lower tier league. However, the question remains, will this promo make a difference? Keep reading to find out./

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For the love of the game

There is no doubt that these two actors love the game. So much so that their documentary series will take fans around the world into the heart and soul of the club with the help of FX Entertainment, which is to say it should be. Well.

The speed at which global coverage and media interaction in matches has undoubtedly increased over the years and has changed the way football clubs present themselves to their fans. This avenue offers many opportunities and widens exposure for all levels of clubs, even underdogs.

When Arsenal, for example, had the idea of ​​promoting Adidas as a sponsor of t-shirts, the support of a big brand like this gave them leverage. Fans began to recognize that they were not just any football club, but that they were among the best in the world. It adds a sense of confidence when you partner with huge, trustworthy sports brands and their fans become your fans as well.

Fans love their clubs and games, and when you add a promotional angle to advertising and content marketing using famous faces like Ryan and McElhenney, there’s no doubt people will watch and learn all about it. the ins and outs of the players they often only see on the playing field kicking the ball and scoring goals.

It’s the same with any sport or activity, for example, those online too, not many people know about famous poker players until there is some form of marketing or content available for them. show them. Sometimes popular platforms like GGPoker.co.uk even promote their players and help them market them through their websites. It also has a significant impact on many players and their fans. People want to know what’s going on, how it’s going and when it’s going to happen. It’s for the love of the game!

The need for digital content and marketing

In any industry, two main criteria for making your name known to the world are marketing and communication. Without it, you or your business will fail. In the field of sport, it is the same logic. Ultimately, it’s about the fans – winning them over. The sports and entertainment industry may seem like an easy sell to marketers, but when it comes to lower tier clubs, a little more is needed.

Much like the Wrexham documentary, people identify with a game, a player or a football club. These activities not only help promote various activities and arenas, but also help shape society as a whole. It’s part of popular culture, and the tendency to mix the two using famous faces has usually been the first step for advertising and PR companies because they know it works.

Finding and interacting with the right audience is essential. They need to match viewers with their needs and preferences through media and the right content, no matter how bizarre some ads and promotional materials might seem.

Besides promotional material, good content is what fans are looking for. How else would they know if transfers are taking place or if transfers are made between players of other clubs? It’s all about words and actions, both on and off the pitch.


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