XVERSE Completes Strategic Investment Cycle to Launch Metaverse NFT Marketplace


Prior to this giant leap for XVERSE, the company closed a $ 2.7 million private funding round led by leading VCs and space visionaries – Vestigium, Animoca Brands and Genesis Block Ventures. Notable investors participating in the round also include Momentum 6, CMS and Blocore. The new capital will be used for protocol and product development, marketing and talent enhancement.

Jaeyong An, CSO at XVERSE, said, “We are very happy to partner with our strategic investors. We expect great synergy in the development of metaverse services and the intensification of activity with strategic investors.

Charles Yang, Genesis Block Ventures Partner, said, “We share the same vision with XVERSE that NFTs can be more than digital art; they can unlock access to any unique physical or digital resource, including products, services and access to events. why we are investing in XVERSE, which has exactly the kind of know-how to achieve this vision. “

Closing this strategic investment cycle, XVERSE will focus on launching its first product, Fan Community MYPICK powered by NFT, in June. XVERSE will announce the first collaboration with Dok2 and Double K, popular rappers in South Korea, giving fans access to the collection of unique artist avatars – all purchasable and redeemable on the community platform. MYPICK also enables artists and fans around the world to communicate and enjoy fandom together through gamification and technology.

There is a lot to disclose about the upcoming developments of XVERSE. With the support of blockchain VCs and like-minded private investors, XVERSE will visualize the metaverse world and make it a reality, whatever your imagination!


XVERSE is the # 1 VR-AR mobile software and metaverse blockchain company. Our mission is to create the most content-rich, easy to develop, cost effective, and accessible VR AR platform based on blockchain technology.

We are a team of engineers fascinated by the metaverse world introduced in Neal stephenson 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash. We want to be a global leader in enabling people to visualize their imaginations in the metaverse world.


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